Going Seasonal With Promotional Products

31 Jan

Some promotional products are appropriate for year-round use, while others are designed for specific seasons. A business can keep its marketing fresh and relevant by tailoring promotions to the upcoming months. Summer and fall promotions are particularly effective because they correspond to active lifestyles. While consumers are enjoying the nice weather, they will also be using promo items to advertise the business. This is a winning situation for all involved and well worth corporate marketing dollars.

Promotional Products Designed for Summer
During summer, people increase their level of activity due to pleasant weather conditions. They enjoy attending baseball and softball games, spending time at the park, and relaxing on the beach. Promos compatible with these activities include stadiums seats, water bottles, backpacks, and beach mats. Consumers will use these throughout the summer, providing the business with multiple advertisements.

Summer domestic travel is enjoyable because most areas of the country are warm. Promos designed for road travelers include small first aid and auto emergency kits, reusable drink containers, and rain gear. All travelers will find duffel bags and backpacks useful when packing for their summer trips. Electronic device holders will also come in handy, providing safe places to store cell phones or personal music players. These items may be promotional but they are also functional.

They do not call it the lazy days of summer for nothing. Some days are just too hot for physical exertion and it is less exhausting to stay inside and play a game. Promo card and game sets will be the center of attention on days when only air conditioning can cool the body. Families can remain indoors, playing games until the wee hours of the morning. Businesses can almost bank on the fact that these games will become favorites played throughout the year.

Fall-Focused Promotional Products

As summer turns to fall, people try to squeeze in as much outdoor time as possible before temperatures dip. The promotional seat cushions they used during baseball season become football fanny rests. Promotional blankets are used as covers during a cool fall afternoon at the park. Water bottles go from being used at the beach to being taken on a mountain hike to view fall foliage. Travel-related promos continue to be used as families make their final road trips before settling inside for the winter.

Fall weather can be unpredictable, so consumers will thank businesses that provide them with rain gear in advance of fall storms. Umbrellas, raincoats, and ponchos keep people from getting drenched and their imprinted logos do not suffer during rainy conditions. A customized folding umbrella becomes an in-demand item because it can be carried in a purse or briefcase.

Children return to school in the fall, putting promotional calculators, sticky note dispensers, and other school and desktop accessories to good use. Businesses can also provide customized mouse pads, smartphone cases, and tablet covers to college and adult students. These items will be used every day throughout the school year, giving the company some very desirable ongoing advertising.

Article Source:  Alex Subotich


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